The Hungry Cuban Private Paella Party Provider Paella isn’t simply a dish it is an experience!



 Paella is a classic Spanish dish comprised of rice, stock, saffron, and a variety of meats, shellfish and vegetables. All are cooked on a giant round flat pan, outside over an open fire. However paella is so much more than that.

 It is a food that has always brought our family and friends together for any occasion. Preparing and eating paella was a celebration that was experienced by all of my senses. It was entertaining to watch, the smell carried the promise of the meal to come, and the taste was always delightful.

 This is the experience that I share with people when I prepare paella. Whether it is for friends, a catered affair, or the farmers market, paella is not just a wonderful meal, it is also a joyous celebration of flavors, smells, and quality ingredients.

Serving Palm Beach and Broward County, but for the right price I will fly to any location.